Award Winners List

In 2002 the then Chief Bushfire Control Officer Mike Teraci initiated the Chief Bushfire Control Officers Award for outstanding service to each individual brigade. These awards are presented to the recipients at our annual End of Fire Season Dinner and Awards night which is funded solely by the brigade from fundraising events each year.Each year is a different dress theme so it give all the volunteers the opportunity to let their hair down, dress up and have a great night out. The following are the award winners since the inception.


Chief Bush Fire Control Officer Awards
Year Fire Support Quinns Rocks Two Rocks Wanneroo Others
2002   Darren Cole   Darragh Wills  
2003 Tracy Williams George Reid   Peter Williams  
2004 Jayne Griffiths Terry Beath   Shane Sheely  
2005 Tracy Williams Terry Beath   Angela Walker  
        Dave Wright  
2006 Dave Turner Paul Reece   Tony De Kwant  
2007 Glenn McLaren Darren Bennett   Dayle Halleen  
2008 Ron Clark Darren Cole Jeff hord Nick Pana  
        John Leahy  
2009 Wayne Hatton Darren Claridge Mike Moore Glenn McLaren Eddy Brooks/Wayne Jones
    Karl Beckett     Ian Hammond/Darragh Wills
2010 Wayne Hatton Lisa Cole Kevin Moss Nick Pana  
2011 Josie Prior Ian MacKenzie Adrian Stoffels Darren Mibus Mike Teraci (Honorary Life)
2012 David Wright Troy Cole Kye Carter Rob Couzens Wayne Jones(Honorary Life)
 2013 Norm Hewer Ricky Southgate Trent Cole Kelsi Wells Steve Foureur(Life Member)
 2014  Derek Young  Renny Gosatti
 2015   Rebecca Mackenzie  Moira Young    Greg Pobar

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