Award Winners List

In 2002, then Chief Bush Fire Control Officer Mike Teraci initiated the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer’s Award for outstanding service to each individual brigade. These awards are presented to the recipients at our annual End of Fire Season Dinner & Awards night which is funded by the brigades from fundraising events during the year.  Each year, the volunteers have to opportunity to let their hair down, dress up and have a great night out.  The following are our award winners.



Year    Winner 

2008  Jeff Hord

   2009  Mike Moore

   2010  Kevin Moss

         2011  Adrian Stoffels

 2012 Kye Carter

2013 Trent Cole

     2014 Derek Young

    2015 Moira Young

        2016 Siobhan Bishop

    2017 Ron McLellan

   2018 Tracey Bacci














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