Are You Bushfire Ready?

Bushfires are a way of life for Australians, we live in a harsh climate where temperatures can reach excess of 45 Degrees Celcius

Bushfires are fast and can start suddenly they can cover great distances and devastate communities.

If you live near the bush or even in a metropolitan area, bushfire threat is real. You need to understand when to evacuate and if you wish, know how to prepare and Defend your property.

That is why it is important you know how to prepare yourself and your family for the coming bushfire season here is how you can prepare yourself and your family for a possible bushfire.


The 5 Minute Fire Chat

Have you had the 5 minute Fire chat? It could save your life.


Preparing your property

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It is important to ensure your property is bushfire ready. Firefighters can only help you if you’ve properly prepared your home

Ensure gutters and overhanging tress are pruned and you’ve created a firebreak on your property to give Firefighters on the ground the best possible chance of
Defending your home. It will take more trucks to defend an unprepared property than it will to defend a prepared property. Firefighters will always prioritize Defendable properties(bushfire ready properties) first. So to give your home the best chance ensure its prepared. for more information on preparing your property download this helpful guide from DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Services) HERE


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